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My game for Lisp Game Jam 2016 January

What was the most watched pc game in the 1990s that nobody never actually played?

That's right the windows maze screensaver!

Finally in the year 2016 you can frag those mazes like it's 1995!

The game requires java to run.

You can find the instructions in the README.txt.

  • What dialect/tools/libraries did you use?
    • Kawa scheme, Libgdx
  • What sort of game did you choose to make, and why?
    • Original idea was to make Quake defrag like game with doom like engine
  • What went right, what were some successes?
    • The raycasting engine worked and I managed to get it run at decent speed in the end
    • I was really proud of getting the floor casting to work
    • I submitted a bug to Kawa project
  • What went wrong?
    • I think libgdx might have been poor choice for this project
    • Creating the engine was harder than I thought and I had to change the goal to simpler one due to that
    • The performance is kind of poor and I had to cut corners in the quality
    • Kawas way of creating new thread (future expression) didn't run concurrently. I found a way to do multithreading but never used it in game.
  • What did you learn?
    • Kawa is a nice language but some things that you'd think that would work will give a compile error and really unhelpful java stack trace
    • When doing Wolfestein3D like raycasting engine how to the floor casting
    • Got more familiar with libgdx, scheme and kawa
  • What did Lisp enable you to do well in this entry?
    • Write less code than if I had done this in Java
    • Multithreading easily, sadly the final product does not utilize multiple threads.
  • What challenges did Lisp present in making your entry happen?
    • My problems were not Lisps fault they were mostly because of Kawa
    • I used emacs, the modes for schemes were useful for kawa but not always
    • There were some cases were if I defined class inside file that was the same name as the class there would be compile error
    • Unhelpful java stack traces
    • I Know common lisp and when I started I didn't know scheme. Writing hygienic macros was kind of hard when I started
  • If you are comfortable answering, please mention how long you have used lisp and describe previous gamedev experience, if any.
    • I have used common lisp for 2-3 years?
    • I have read The Little Schemer but I don't really know scheme
    • I have made some small games: Snake, Conway's Game of Life
    • I have done some exercises with Opengl and I have fiddled with Jmonkeyengine

Install instructions

To run the game

unzip delisp.zip

cd delisp


You can find more detailed instructions in the README.txt inside the delisp directory.


delisp.zip 13 MB

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